We maximize design, functionality, and athletic performance - making you feel great and look amazing.


Caliloko’s unique 4-way compression technology allows you to repair and reset quickly


Reduce your recovery time and wake up revived and ready for anything

Blending high-fashion edge with the latest Compression Technology, Caliloko sportswear helps boost your performance, avoid muscle injury, minimize soreness and sculpt your body in style.

Recovery Compression

Caliloko recovery compression — 4-way stretch high-tech fabrics and body mapping designs help activate your blood circulation, eliminate toxins faster, and prevent swelling. With less muscle soreness, you give yourself the best odds to improve your next race or fitness performance while sculpting your natural curves beautifully, making you feel amazing.


Active Compression

Caliloko active compression — 4-way stretch high-tech fabrics and body mapping designs help you reduce muscular pain during high intensity training. Its moderate compression is meant for everyday use, all while absorbing muscle vibrations and preventing potential muscle injury. Caliloko is designed for all your athletic needs.

Sleep Recovery

Awaken from a luxurious night of recovery with compression. Good-bye soreness and achy muscles with our tights and calf sleeves— helping you restore, recharge and regenerate while you sleep.Our customers tell us that Caliloko has become their new PJs.

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Compression Technology

Move blood faster to your heart

Inspired by the science of compression therapy, our seamless technology applies compression on the surface of your body to actively increase circulation through the muscles.

> Enhance your blood circulation
> Bring stability to your muscles
> Increase muscle oxygenation
> Improve your athletic performance

Hi-Tech Fabrics

Ultra Soft 4-Way Seamless

Caliloko’s luxurious styles and ultra soft hi-tech seamless fabrics bring you the ultimate comfort you expect. Our sportswear line provides muscle support and sculpts your body in style.

Meet the founder

Nathalie de Champlain

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