Perform stronger and
recover faster with
luxury compression technology
Blending high-fashion edge with the latest Compression Technology, Caliloko sportswear helps boost your performance, avoid muscle injury, minimize soreness and sculpt your body in style.

Recovery Compression

Caliloko recovery compression — 4-way stretch high-tech fabrics and body mapping designs help activate your blood circulation, eliminate toxins faster, and prevent swelling. With less muscle soreness, you give yourself the best odds to improve your next race or fitness performance while sculpting your natural curves beautifully, making you feel amazing.

Active Compression

Caliloko active compression — 4-way stretch high-tech fabrics and body mapping designs help you reduce muscular pain during high intensity training. Its moderate compression is meant for everyday use, all while absorbing muscle vibrations and preventing potential muscle injury. Caliloko is designed for all your athletic needs.

Sleep Recovery

Awaken from a luxurious night of recovery with compression. Good-bye soreness and achy muscles with our tights and calf sleeves— helping you restore, recharge and regenerate while you sleep.Our customers tell us that Caliloko has become their new PJs.

Caliloko In The News

Athletes Love Caliloko

“As a hairdresser I stand on my feet all day plus I go to the gym regularly. I’ve been wearing compression calf sleeves and long tights for years to prevent soreness and inflammation in my muscles. I have been using Caliloko and it has become my favorite brand. The fabric is soft and breathable. The compression level is perfect and makes me feel more invigorated.”

Sean Barone, Hairdresser at Salon Chenzo, Boca Raton, FL

“Oh my gosh! You were SO right. My body changes drastically in the summer, and I drop to a size 00 – but the size 2 shorts are PERFECT! I put them on and thought yep, y’all scored again. Plus, running on them: Heaven! Everything stays in place, no sore glutes to roll out afterwards. I tell everyone: try them! It seriously ups your training game. Now, off to run in my Caliloko shorts! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you do.”

Staci Clark, I Race Like a Girl Team Member

“As a personal trainer of 15 years, I consider that recovery is ultra important for me and my clients — so we can get back to our next session faster and without muscle pain. I recently discovered Caliloko and had the opportunity to try it on. The compression is amazing. It reduces muscles vibration and minimizes soreness.”

Roudy Derisse, Boca Raton Florida-based entrepreneur, fitness coach and yoga teacher is also the author of the book You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer: A Step By Step Guide To Getting Fit And Saving Money.

Roudy Derisse, Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Author

“Compression sportswear contributes to High Performance. I tested Caliloko on and off court and LOVED it! I felt a real difference comparing with the brands that I usually wear. The compression is comfortable, the fabric is soft and the design is unique.”

Katline Cauwels, Entrepreneur and Director at MSquash — with over 15 years of experience in high performance coaching. She was also on the squash Pro Tour prior to coaching.

Katline Cauwels, Entrepreneur and Director at MSquash

“As a very active amateur athlete, being well equipped with premium technical sportswear is important for me. I’ve tested compression with many other brands and Caliloko surpasses them all by far, improving my performance and making me feel stronger.”

Sophie Garneau is an extremely fit runner, cyclist, snowboarder and former gymnast. She is currently sales professional at a premium global hotel brand.

Sophie Garneau, Amateur Athlete

Compression Technology

Move blood faster to your heart

Inspired by the science of compression therapy, our seamless technology applies compression on the surface of your body to actively increase circulation through the muscles.

> Enhance your blood circulation
> Bring stability to your muscles
> Increase muscle oxygenation
> Improve your athletic performance

Hi-Tech Fabrics

Ultra Soft 4-Way Seamless

Caliloko’s luxurious styles and ultra soft hi-tech seamless fabrics bring you the ultimate comfort you expect. Our sportswear line provides muscle support and sculpts your body in style.

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Events With Caliloko

Chicago Squash Open, Vernon Hills, IL October 16-20, 2019

Caliloko is proud to sponsor the Chicago Squash Open from October 16th at 5:00PM to October 20th at 1:00PM. The tournament will be held at Life Time Athletic Vernon Hills and will host squash professionals and amateurs. Meet us as we showcase our clothing line and give you a chance to try them on. Tournament Schedule.

The 2019 IRONMAN Florida, Panama City Beach, FL November 2-6, 2019

Caliloko is proud to support athletes at The 2019 IRONMAN Florida in Panama City Beach. The race will be on Saturday, November 2. This is the largest Ironman and the last of 2019 — and it offers 40 qualifying slots to the 2020 Vega IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. #floridastrong Register here for the race.

Orangetheory Half Marathon & 5K, Boca Raton, FL Saturday, November 30, 2019

Caliloko will be at the 18th Annual Orangetheory Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk — Boca Raton’s largest Half Marathon. Course runs over A1A Bridge to Deerfield Beach! Register here for the race.