About Us

Born in Boca Raton Florida and founded by French Canadian athlete, Nathalie de Champlain, Caliloko passionately offers athletes and active people a high quality and stylish technical performance sportswear to help them speed up their recovery in no time, minimize injury and soreness, and perform stronger. 

Not just another sportswear, but innovative and advanced compression body mapping designs that boost your confidence to run faster, jump higher or train harder without muscle pain, cramping or micro tears. 

Functionally fashionable, this clothing line is comfy and feels like a second skin.

Made and designed with absolute love, Caliloko helps people feel strong and look amazing. 

Redefining the standards of women’s and men’s activewear, Caliloko incorporates compression technology to support athletes as they exercise. 

Engineered to provide figure flattering shaping, the designs are beautiful and technical. With UV protection UPF 50+, the fabrics keep your body cool even during the most intense activity. Plus, the premium odor control and fast drying yarn keeps you feeling fresh.

OUR VISION — With Caliloko, you wear compression with confidence, knowing that you also can look absolutely amazing. It will get you to perform stronger, recover faster and embrace your active lifestyle.

YOUR BENEFITS — Based on the medical notion that compression firms up your body and contributes to stimulating blood circulation, Caliloko is designed to help you boost your athletic results, prevent muscle injury and get back at it faster.