What is the difference between regular sportswear and compression performance clothing?

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When you envision training for long distance runs or train hard in any sports disciplines, it is advisable to start considering wearing compression shorts, compression calf sleeves, compression socks or compression long tights, versus non-compression gear. Why? Wearing compression helps Compression clothing improves performance and recovery because your blood flow is enhanced, delivering oxygen and […]

World Class Pro Triathlete Angela Naeth Shares 9 Ways to Improve Muscle Recovery

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World athletes, especially endurance professionals, know something about muscle recovery. Many of us who work out and compete as amateurs look for ideas to minimize muscle soreness and prevent injury. We all get sore and wish that there was a magic formula. For Angela Naeth, Canadian Pro Ironman Champion, Founder of IRACELIKEAGIRL and Owner of […]

Mission possible – Reduce your stress by moving, no matter what pace, just keep moving

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Why exercising can help us manage our stress? The month of April is dedicated to Stress Awareness, so I decided to share ‘why movement can help us reduce our daily stress’. 💜💜💜 Let’s be realistic, stress is a good thing in general. We need it to function properly. Anthropologically, we were designed to use stress as a […]

Top Reasons Why Strength Training For Triathletes Is Key

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During the “I Race Like A Girl 2021 Training Camp”, we presented a workout routine exclusively focused on “building strength to help triathletes perform strong on race day”. Triathletes use every muscle group. To minimize muscle injury and feel great during the race, it is important to sustainably produce the best muscular force and power. […]