Caliloko is Proud to Partner with MSquash Accelerator

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We are very proud to announce that Caliloko is now available at MSquash — a unique and first high-technology squash academy offering Interactive Squash & 360 Degree Video Analysis Court. Katline Cauwels and Shaun Moxham are professional squash coaches who have created this unique squash academy. It is worth visiting and experiencing it during your next visit in […]

The 5 Benefits of Compression Sportswear

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Compression Sportswear has originally been used by doctors over the past century. It does wonders for patients during their recovery time after surgery. Bringing blood faster to the heart, compression clothing prevents patients from being swollen and helps them get back to normal faster. A variety of additional benefits have been discovered in the sports […]

Caliloko in Production

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It is really exciting for me to realize that almost two years of work is coming to fruition. Caliloko is currently in production in Portugal. Our fabrics are developed with the perfect combination of high quality yarns and knitted with seamless technology. Relying on decades of European craftsmanship, our products are unique and meticulously hand finished.  

Caliloko Endorsed by Angeles Burke, Personal Trainer

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During a Caliloko video production and photoshoot last week, Angeles Burke performed different fitness drills by the beach with Marie-Eve de Champlain. “Even though it was a hot day, I really enjoyed wearing Caliloko’s Recovery Compression Tights and Sports bra. I felt light on my toes and fresh throughout the photoshoot,” said Angeles. Caliloko is […]

Caliloko, a Perfect Match for Tennis Players

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I truly enjoyed working with Nikki Roth, Tennis Pro, and Tina Tucci her partner during our photoshoot on February 20. We believe that tennis players will enjoy wearing Caliloko to minimize soreness, prevent muscle injury and recover faster. Nikki has been testing Caliloko’s compression over the past months and enjoys all the benefits that it […]