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Be nice to your butt, work standing

Many of us are working at our desk at home. We might not be moving as much as we did in the office to meet colleagues. The solution is to develop a healthier habit of standing at work instead of sitting.

Sitting is the new smoking, why is that?

Scientific research has shown that sitting all day is damaging our health. However, when we read many articles about the etiquette of working from home, we see people sitting at their desks.

“By forcing a body designed for movement to hold a crushingly immobile position, sitting strains muscles, slows your metabolism, increases your risk of heart disease, and even shortens your life span,” said Marc Hamilton, PhD, a microbiologist at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center back in 2015.

“It's all because of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which resides in the blood vessels of your muscles. It captures fat in the blood and incinerates it.”

Research has proven that sitting too much and all day long has repercussions:
  • messes with our back
  • shortens our life
  • reduces our muscles
  • negatively affects your metabolism

What new habit should develop?

Stand at your desk: we can buy a custom built desk or simply convert our desk into a standing desk at no cost by elevating our computer with a few books.

Personally, I’ve been working standing up since I started to work from home five years ago. Working from home was my new reality and I wanted to force myself to keep moving.

It takes a little bit of learning and is uncomfortable but I can attest that we get used to it fast and many of you will love the feeling.

If we cannot adjust our desk, we must try sitting for 40 minutes and then standing for 20 minutes. We can also use the standing time to talk on the phone when we don't need to take notes on the computer.


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