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Become a superpower engine during this historic moment

At the beginning of the pandemic I was caught by surprise, and not long after, anxiety started to creep up. Especially when I heard that the schools might not reopen before next fall, many industries had just shut down, a lot of people were (and are still) losing jobs. 

My husband and I had just came back from a trip to Europe. Since my parents were at our house when we came back, I profoundly feared that in some ways I would have carried the virus. The stressful thoughts were repeatedly thumping in my head: what if I had the virus? What if I made my parents sick? It would be all my fault. 

During the same sequence, I was waking up way too many times per night, I felt sleep deprived, less patient with my boys and had a constant ball of stress in my stomach. 

The kids were full time at home, and I have to acknowledge that it was very uncomfortable for me. Being a parent is awesome. Being a teacher is not my vocation. It was so tough for me.

Think and rethink

That’s when I decided to reflect on what to do to get through this. I had to quickly rethink how we were going to make that happen. 

The solution was to review our habits in the home all while keeping a healthy physical distance with my parents. [Thankfully, after a month in quarantine with them, we came to the conclusion that we were all okay. They recently made the trip back to Canada by car and now they are in quarantine (again!) in the comfort of their home.] 

The ripple effect of Covid-19 will be enormous on all of us even if things get back to normal soon. That effect can only be good. I keep thinking that we will come out of this much stronger as individuals, families, teams, companies.  

The positive outlook is based on our ability to develop new habits and if we accept to learn to be comfortable with discomfort. What do I mean by that?

Be comfortable with discomfort

In my personal situation, going from:

-> being able to do my work and take care of the boys when they came back from school = my life pre-Covid. 


-> being responsible for them all day long, offering them a learning environment, continue a normal life and still work on my brand… This new situation was seriously uncomfortable and stressing me out.

Building a new routine, the new norm

As we all adjust to our new shared reality of physical distancing, staying mentally healthy and physically strong is more important than ever. 

On the other hand, we probably all agree that not having the proper routine like being sleep deprived, feeling hung over, isolated and lonely makes it almost impossible for us to manage our emotions, be creative and make proper decisions. 

As a matter of fact, having a routine helps such as moving our body, shower, dressing up, eating and sleeping well and connecting with the people we love is absolutely key. For many of us, easier said than done. I know.

My solution, build my superpowers

As a solution for my own sanity, I started to list all the things that we must do versus what we were doing.  As James Clear said:

“Search for a tiny margin improvement in everything you do. Make small adjustments. And realize remarkable results.”

As a result of my reflexion, here the 5 superpowers that I've chosen to develop:

  1. Move. move. move
  2. Re-create our normal routine
  3. Meditate and breathe deeply
  4. Stay connected to our loved ones
  5. Lead our life with strong values

These are the powers to lead a normal new life. I hope my thoughts will inspire some of you to take care of your health and sharpen your mind as we build our super engines.  The next article will be on the first superpower... #keepmoving


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