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Quick tips to relieve muscle pain and tightness

Many people have muscle pains from time to time and some even develop Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS). Instead of relying on Ibuprofen, I want to share a few tips to treat that pain properly by loosening up the fascia, a connective tissue covering the muscles.

What causes muscle pains?

Poor posture over time, pressure on the muscle, emotional stress, repetitive motions, joint problems and​ ​surgical incisions can cause this acute pain. As a result, a cycle of pain, inactivity and even disability can happen to any of us.

Over my years of working with professional athletes who suffer from muscle pains, I have developed a variety of safe, simple and effective treatment methods. One such method is an introduction to a gentle Yoga practice based on deep stretching and holding poses during a series of breathing exercises. Then I combine it with Active Release Therapy Balls positioned on​ ​key trigger points to release tight or tense muscles.

The​ Active Release ​trigger point therapy combines manipulation and movement. It is easy to do in the comfort of our own home. And even better, when we follow the proper instructions, like in the videos below, we can do it ourselves.

This type of therapy should be done in combination with lifestyle changes such as sitting better and with other treatments like massage therapy or using a percussion massage tool. If the muscle pain persists or is such that we cannot perform our daily tasks, then I recommend that you see a doctor.

The movements with the balls are extremely specific and deeply work the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Recently I launched my own Kamala Ingrid Active Release Therapy balls. Usually, when you shop around, the balls only come in one size. I found this to be restrictive and unhelpful in dealing with various muscle pains that afflict many of us. 

The Kamala Ingrid Active Release Therapy Balls difference

The set of 6 balls by Kamala Ingrid come in 3 pairs and all have their own purpose. Each pair has a different size to target different muscle groups. The orange set is the largest and can be used for the hips, back, hamstrings and glutes. The blue set is used for almost every muscle group and is the next step after we have released tension at certain points. The purple set is the densest and targets deep tissues. Each pair comes in a tote bag to keep them tight together and spaced properly for working out specific muscles, such as those along the spinal cord.

Have a look at the videos below to learn which ones to use, when and how. They are available here in the Caliloko shop.

How to release stiff hips

Tightness around the hips is very common, especially in the hips flexors, a group of muscles that connect the upper leg to the hip. They are important for movements such as when we bend at the waist or raise our legs. Active Release therapy helps to release the tension and improve the range of motion in the hips.

How to release the tension in your neck

Depending on what causes our neck tension, we can try a series of neck stretches to relieve tension. I recommend the Active Release therapy as an additional treatment to these stretches. Have a look in this video where I use a yoga block (or a box) and two different balls.

How to relax your back

In addition to stretching our back in order to relief tensions, the Active Release therapy can help reduce general stiffness. In the video below, I pair the balls for a better result and suggest to start with the orange set.

How to avoid shin splints

Shin splints, a pain in the front region of our lower leg, are caused by the inflammation of the muscles, tendons and bone tissue around our shins. For many people, and especially runners, the Active Release therapy can help prevent shin splints.

How to massage your feet

Foot rolling is an exercise that helps relax our plantar fascia, which is the ligament that connects our heels to our feet. The Active Release therapy is a great way to self massage and minimize all the tensions that accumulate in our feet. After all, the feet are so important as they support us all day. Taking care of them will contribute to our overall health.

Anti-hunch care solution

Nowadays, when we work frequently at our computers and take part in endless Zoom meetings, it’s easier than ever to find ourselves slouched or hunched for hours at a time. Being locked on a screen for long periods of time, especially when we are not positioned correctly, can take its toll on our muscles, joints, and ligaments. In this video, I show you how to use the Active Release Therapy Balls to help open up our shoulders. Additionally, we have to remind ourselves to sit up straight, stand tall and move around while we use our computers. We can do some other exercises including wall-sit, plank, child pose and shoulder blades squeeze to prevent hunching our back.

Tune-in weekly with Kamala Ingrid and Caliloko LIVE every Friday at 12pm EST

During the pandemic, I have partnered with Caliloko to offer yoga sessions specifically designed for those who feel muscle pain or are stressed out from the daily grind. Allow me to guide you from an intense dynamic flow to a gentle rejuvenation and meditation. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasonal practitioner let me help you access your full potential to optimal health. A few of my sessions with Caliloko are also dedicated to showing you how to use my Active Release Therapy Balls that will be soon available in Caliloko's shop. If you would like to tune into my sessions, they are available on Fridays at 12pm @calilokosports Instagram LIVE and on ZOOM:


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