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Stay ahead of the curve during this pandemic

During these troubling times, the world seems to swirl around us. We can’t control what happens, however we are in full control of how we personally and individually respond to the situation. 

We must remain cool and collected and should consider mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and exercise as a guide throughout this intense period. 

It is becoming quite clear that we might have to keep the new measures of self isolation and social distancing for more than a couple of weeks. As everything has become unpredictable, working to maintain our normal routine has become the most important task.

Oh and let's use our body heat to our advantage 

As the CDC reported, different kinds of viruses have shown in the past that raising our body’s core temperature may be beneficial in preventing or reducing the impact that a virus can have on us— Sweat it out and cautiously raise your core temperature. And let’s keep moving. A great way to be energized and stay healthy. We owe it to ourselves and the people that we support.


Moving our body and breaking a sweat is also very well known to enhance your mood, which is what many of us need right now. If you exercised or ran after a stressful day, you probably remember feeling much better after. "The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong," Michael Otto, PhD, and professor of psychology at Boston University says. "Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect."

Where and how should we exercise now that most of our favorite gyms and studio classes are closed?

We have to change our normalcy and gear it towards an individual activity, doing it in our home and outside if possible at the uncrowded trail, playground or park. Sweating on our own is the way to go. I suggest that we start downloading the coolest fitness apps out there, and follow our favorite athletes and personal trainers to get inspired. 

To avoid skipping your workouts, go for a buddy training commitment. Set up goals with someone and even schedule videochat with your buddy as you both do your workout. This way you’ll be less tempted to back out.

Stay ahead of the curve

As we temporarily loose our regular routine, we must remain productive. 

Why not:

  • spending quality time with our family
  • keeping the learning routine going
  • rethinking how we can reorganize our home
  • reviewing and redefining what we stand for and our daily habits
  • making time to unwind and do some other activities you enjoy
  • trying to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, drink fluids, get plenty of sleep

We absolutely must avoid being stressed by the news, they tend to exaggerate everything. Let’s stay informed but keep an emotional distance.

Stay strong and healthy, dear Caliloko family, we will come out of this outbreak stronger than ever, together.

My passion and positivity accompany you.


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