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My Tips For Speedy Muscle Recovery

The recovery process for an athlete is extremely important. Getting sufficient rest after working out is essential for faster recovery. However, when the intensity of our fitness activities is high, we need to add more ways to help speed up the recovery.
At least I can speak for myself, I have to invest time in my recovery and love to use all the tools possible to reduce my soreness and wakeup the next morning feeling fresh and strong.
New foods, nutrients, supplement, services, tools, technologies and sportswear are constantly launching. I enjoy testing what works best for me. So here some of my recent learnings that I totally recommend.

photo: @rogermrojas Alvaro Merino, Aka Coach AJ, is a tennis pro, fitness consultant and Caliloko professional athlete.

Compression recovery

The best kept secret in the fitness world is Caliloko. This is one of the reasons why I've decided to become one of its professional athletes.
In my opinion, Caliloko is absolutely the best compression technology sportswear on the market.
In addition to the great looks that its designs offer, Caliloko's fabrics are soft and ultra comfortable. As soon as you start to sweat in its shorts, tights, shirt and calf sleeves, the 4-way stretch clothes feel like a second skin.
Based on the medical science, Caliloko's compression improves blood flow which enhances our cardiac performance. As a result, you waste less energy, boost performance, minimize potential soreness and speed up recovery time.


In my quest to get the proper nutrients as an athlete, I found the perfect supplements that make me feel alert and healthy: Asystem
Designed for men, their supplements and vitamins help me improve my stamina, sex drive, focus, muscle growth, confidence and sleep.
Their performance and plant-based skin care products are amazing. They smooth my skin and even make it look healthier.

Massage Gun

Now everyone uses a percussive therapy tool that many call a "massage gun". And the competition in that industry is ferocious as many brands are launching new tools and technologies. So far, for me, Theragun is the best on the market.
Always on the go between my tennis coaching and fitness activities, having such recovery tool in my bag and being able to carry it with me everywhere is so convenient.
I can take care of myself anytime to speed up my recovery process.

Stretching Studio

We are told when we workout intensely, "you need to loosen up your muscles" and "work on your flexibility". I found this very cool and amazing stretching studio with locations throughout midtown-downtown and Williamsburg: Stretch Relief. They offer a variety of services from 1-1 personalized stretching therapy to group classes.


Last year I unfortunately severely injured my right knee. I went through quite a rough patch... since I use my body every day for my work. As you can imagine, I needed to find a solid physical therapy team to safely work on getting better. I found Joel and Jade at Flex Therapy. They diagnosed me with a Right Distal Lateral Hamstring Strain with ITB syndrome resulting from poor glutes activation and insufficient muscle stability. They helped me recover from my injury, improve my mobility and most importantly they showed me ways to avoid future injury.


After my injury, I started to hear about CBD and was told that it could minimize if not eliminate the pain, inflammation and discomfort that I felt. It was however challenging to select the best product. I wanted to choose a pure and high quality CBD that was tested by third party labs. I didn't want to simply use anything or everything out there.
Following my injury, my nervous system crashed and my muscles were very sore, plus I had a lot of inflammation. I was convinced that CBD would be by far the best way to calm the pain and relieve inflammation namely caused by high accumulation of lactic acid. It was however challenging to select the best product on the market due to the affluence of so many brand, products and CBD forms. I wanted to select a pure and high quality CBD product that was tested by third party labs. After research, I chose to trust Cbd for life. They source their "CBD from hemp grown in Colorado at a farm using organic and sustainable farming practices". Plus all their formulas go through intense testings. I use their Rub and Tincture products.

Cryo Therapy

Cryotherapy is probably one of the fastest ways to improve circulation, reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, pain, aches and tensions by putting my body at freezing temperatures for only 3 minutes. I go to Cryo with jnj which is near where I live and their cryotherapy machines are the best on the market. Right after a cryotherapy session, I put on my recovery Caliloko tights (have a look: for women and for men) to continue the benefits and speed up my recovery.

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