Why Wear Compression?

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Many of us run…Some do it for the pleasure of running, others do it to be fit, and yet others run to compete in races. Perhaps some even run for all of the above reasons.  While I’ve attended many sports events across the United States over the past year, I’ve realized that many athletes and […]

Serena Williams Wears Compression For A Reason

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Last May you might have seen that Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion, was wearing a cat suit. It went viral and it was quite captivating for her tennis fans around the world. Armed with her compression suit, Serena Williams claimed that she felt stronger, “like a warrior” she said. “I always wanted to […]

When Your Child Breaks A Leg And Caliloko Eases The Recovery

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“Break a leg, honey!” My 9-year-old daughter has heard this countless times over the past years. And it applies really nicely to her Flamenco shows because that’s what you say when someone is about to perform on stage. Unfortunately, we recently experienced the saying quite literally when she broke her tibia and ankle on the […]

How Caliloko Calf Sleeves Can Benefit Pregnant Women

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Caliloko compression calf sleeves can provide versatile health benefits for women who are pregnant. In addition to the well-known symptoms of pregnancy, such as swollen feet, sore legs, and heaviness in the legs, there are also common health problems that can be associated with women who are expecting. Pregnant women run the risk of developing […]

Boost Athletic Performance And Recovery

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Calling all athletes and workout enthusiasts! Caliloko’s luxury compression technology sportswear has the versatility to help you perform stronger and recover faster. Caliloko offers products in two categories to target the specific needs of individuals: active and recovery. I wear the active compression leggings during workouts at the gym. The active compression technology helps reduce […]