My Tips For Speedy Muscle Recovery

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The recovery process for an athlete is extremely important. Getting sufficient rest after working out is essential for faster recovery. However, when the intensity of our fitness activities is high, we need to add more ways to help speed up the recovery. At least I can speak for myself, I have to invest time in […]

Why Wear Compression?

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Many of us run…Some do it for the pleasure of running, others do it to be fit, and yet others run to compete in races. Perhaps some even run for all of the above reasons.  While I’ve attended many sports events across the United States over the past year, I’ve realized that many athletes and […]

How Caliloko Calf Sleeves Can Benefit Pregnant Women

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Caliloko compression calf sleeves can provide versatile health benefits for women who are pregnant. In addition to the well-known symptoms of pregnancy, such as swollen feet, sore legs, and heaviness in the legs, there are also common health problems that can be associated with women who are expecting. Pregnant women run the risk of developing […]

Boost Athletic Performance And Recovery

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Calling all athletes and workout enthusiasts! Caliloko’s luxury compression technology sportswear has the versatility to help you perform stronger and recover faster. Caliloko offers products in two categories to target the specific needs of individuals: active and recovery. I wear the active compression leggings during workouts at the gym. The active compression technology helps reduce […]

The 5 Benefits of Compression Sportswear

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Compression Sportswear has originally been used by doctors over the past century. It does wonders for patients during their recovery time after surgery. Bringing blood faster to the heart, compression clothing prevents patients from being swollen and helps them get back to normal faster. A variety of additional benefits have been discovered in the sports […]

Caliloko, a Perfect Match for Tennis Players

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I truly enjoyed working with Nikki Roth, Tennis Pro, and Tina Tucci her partner during our photoshoot on February 20. We believe that tennis players will enjoy wearing Caliloko to minimize soreness, prevent muscle injury and recover faster. Nikki has been testing Caliloko’s compression over the past months and enjoys all the benefits that it […]

Compression Can Look Good

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After testing many compression products during competitions, long runs, post workouts, while sleeping after a race or even when we travelled long distances, we realized that the concept of compression truly helped us recover much faster, reduce soreness and prevent injuries. The sports compression clothing has been influenced by surgeons who make their patients wear compression socks after surgery […]