Keep Moving Forward Through COVID-19

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The author of the article below is Angela Naeth, professional triathlete and Founder of I Race Like a Girl, she is also one of our Caliloko athletes. She shared the below article with us and we wanted to also make it available to all of you as it represents the current reality of our athletes […]

My Tips For Speedy Muscle Recovery

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The recovery process for an athlete is extremely important. Getting sufficient rest after working out is essential for faster recovery. However, when the intensity of our fitness activities is high, we need to add more ways to help speed up the recovery. At least I can speak for myself, I have to invest time in […]

Why Wear Compression?

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Many of us run…Some do it for the pleasure of running, others do it to be fit, and yet others run to compete in races. Perhaps some even run for all of the above reasons.  While I’ve attended many sports events across the United States over the past year, I’ve realized that many athletes and […]

Recover Faster With Your Compression Sleeves

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Wearing compression after exercising “Can augment the movement of blood through muscles after exercising, when blood flow would otherwise slow down,” said Billy Sperlich, professor of sport science at the University of Würzburg in Germany. For instance, the lactic acid is flushed away, thereby reducing inflammation and soreness. Compression will also help to stabilize the […]

When Your Child Breaks A Leg And Caliloko Eases The Recovery

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“Break a leg, honey!” My 9-year-old daughter has heard this countless times over the past years. And it applies really nicely to her Flamenco shows because that’s what you say when someone is about to perform on stage. Unfortunately, we recently experienced the saying quite literally when she broke her tibia and ankle on the […]

Nathalie de Champlain at the 2018 World Squash Masters Championships

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Caliloko founder, Nathalie de Champlain is a competitive squash player who was competing in the 2018 World’s Masters this year as well as in a few other tournaments including Lifetime Fitness squash competitions in Atlanta and Florida. Her experience as an athlete inspired her to create a line of clothing that can help boost athletic […]