Caliloko in Production

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It is really exciting for me to realize that almost two years of work is coming to fruition. Caliloko is currently in production in Portugal. Our fabrics are developed with the perfect combination of high quality yarns and knitted with seamless technology. Relying on decades of European craftsmanship, our products are unique and meticulously hand finished.  

Focus on Quality

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As I am thinking big for Caliloko, I know that pursuit for Quality will be the only way to create a meaningful brand for our athletes—Quality of the design, quality of the production, and ultimately, Quality of the consumer experience. Relentless commitment to quality will allow me to create differentiation and sustainability for Caliloko, in the world of technical and fashion sportswear.

Compression Can Look Good

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After testing many compression products during competitions, long runs, post workouts, while sleeping after a race or even when we travelled long distances, we realized that the concept of compression truly helped us recover much faster, reduce soreness and prevent injuries. The sports compression clothing has been influenced by surgeons who make their patients wear compression socks after surgery […]