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When Your Child Breaks A Leg And Caliloko Eases The Recovery

“Break a leg, honey!” My 9-year-old daughter has heard this countless times over the past years. And it applies really nicely to her Flamenco shows because that’s what you say when someone is about to perform on stage. Unfortunately, we recently experienced the saying quite literally when she broke her tibia and ankle on the last day of school. She slipped in muddy grass during the final recess of the year, creating a spectacular exit towards the hospital. My poor baby left the campus shaking in excruciating pain. It’s one of those scary calls from school that a mom never forgets and one I never want to receive again.

I can tell you right now that I won’t be using the expression “break a leg” any time soon. After multiple emergency visits, surgery, two different cast sizes, and numerous doctor appointments, her leg was finally freed two weeks before the start of the new school year. My daughter spent her entire summer sitting and lying at home, not an easy task when you’re looking forward to pool and beach time. But all things considered, she was a real trooper and accepted her fate, even if tears rolled generously at times.

With the start of the new school year on the horizon, it was vital that she learn to walk properly again. She hadn’t put any weight on her leg for over eight weeks and the task proved a lot harder than we initially anticipated. Her foot was completely rigid and the pain of the fracture still very fresh in her head. So while her ankle continued aching with the pressure of her considerable height (she’s already 5.1 feet tall) and corresponding weight, I knew we needed the Caliloko calf sleeves to ensure optimal blood flow and faster recovery. She chose the red pair and with a little practice was able to put them on herself. And even though they are usually worn from the ankles upwards, she put a unique spin on the garment by covering part of her foot as well in order get the most out of this revolutionary relief-inducing fabric. I must say, she puckered up immediately, clearly responding positively to the much-needed comfort around her leg and ankle. But most importantly, my daughter was able to walk with confidence again feeling the soothing compression in all the right places. Thanks Caliloko for making a difference!

Katrien Malta – Boca Raton, FL


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