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Why Caliloko Calf Sleeves?

“You don’t have to be a gym-goer or fitness fanatic to benefit from Caliloko’s compression technology. I love the products because they enable me to support my health needs in a fashionable way, which allows me to get things done at an optimal level” – said Jennie Azoulai.

“This year, I found myself facing new health challenges including problems with my circulation. I noticed that by the end of the day, my legs and feet would swell and turn the color purple. Since I am always on the go, whether it be traveling to meet with clients, attending networking events, or doing volunteer work, I couldn’t wait for the Caliloko calf sleeves shipment to arrive. Up until its arrival, I was stuck buying drugstore brand circulation socks. I would hide the calf sleeves under my jeans because I felt embarrassed to wear them in public,” – added Jennie.

Caliloko’s compression sleeves contribute to improve the blood flow from your ankles and calf muscles back to your heart. This idea stems from the medical compression world, which has looked at the process of blood circulation after surgery.

When we say circulation, we refer to the cardiovascular system which comprises of the heart, blood and blood vessels. As an analogy, you can think of it as the transportation system of your body. So the blood that is transported from your heart delivers oxygen and nutrients to your whole body and on the way back, the blood cleans your system.

In a healthy situation, the blood travels through big and small tubes. The arteries are those tubes that carry and push blood at high pressure away from your heart. The veins are the ones that gently carry blood back to your heart.

In the case of diseases and abnormalities such as blood clots, varicose veins, diabetes, and artery disease, the “normal” blood flow can be interrupted or not maximized. As a result of poor circulation, we may feel numbness, tingling sensations or stinging pain in our limbs.

The compression of Caliloko calf sleeves starts at the ankles to ensure that the veins have some support to carry the blood back up to the heart. The compression on the calf muscles provides proper direction for the blood to go back to the heart.

Jennie in Caliloko Leggings and Sports Bra

“The Caliloko calf sleeves were a lifesaver for me because I can put them underneath jeans or wear them with dresses and feel confident and fashionable. I also have Caliloko leggings and sports bras, which I wear throughout the day to go grocery or household shopping. The leggings made a tremendous difference because I am able to shop and prep my food all day without my legs getting swollen or feeling numb. After several hours of standing on my feet, I’ve had no issues with circulation thanks to Caliloko’s compression leggings,” said Jennie.

Jennie Azoulai is the co-founder of a creative agency called moxie b2b. Moxie began collaborating with Caliloko on their branding over a year ago. Through extensive research, moxie was able to better understand compression products and the philosophy behind Caliloko’s brand mission, to design their logo and e-commerce website. Caliloko is not only moxie’s client, but also is a company that has genuinely helped Jennie personally, which further fueled her passion to become a Brand Ambassador for Caliloko.


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