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Walking Across Campus Comfortably And In Style

Walking Across Campus Comfortably And In Style

As a college student at the University of Florida, I find myself spending several hours a day walking across campus whether it be to my classes, sorority house, or the library. In college, showing up to class in workout clothes is not only socially acceptable, but it is the norm for all students. Since I know I will be on my feet all day long, I make sure to dress comfortably for the day, usually throwing on a pair of leggings, a sports bra, and a tank top.

What I love about wearing Caliloko leggings and sports bras is that I feel put-together. Instead of wearing my ordinary workout attire to class, I can now wear casual clothes that are trendy and chic thanks to Caliloko’s high fashion look and compression technology. The fashion aspect of Caliloko is one of the many reasons I love their products so much, as the leggings suit every figure. But more importantly, I want to emphasize just how free I feel while wearing Caliloko leggings.
The unique compression is effective and the technical fabrics offer many benefits.

Not only are the leggings great to wear around campus, but the sports bras are extremely beneficial as well. From my experiences, it is extremely hard to find sports bras that are both supportive and comfortable. What distinguishes Caliloko sports bras from most sports bras out there in the market is that it contains both of those great qualities. I can wear Caliloko sports bras and feel comfortable all day long. I would definitely recommend Caliloko products to college students who walk across campus and attend classes throughout the day!


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