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Top 10 Foods To Improve Recovery

Many of us experience soreness and muscle fatigue after a good workout. What hurts is the microscopic damage to our muscle fibers. In order to accelerate the repairs, the body generates inflammation. It’s called the recovery period which starts approximately 2 hours after the workout and normally ends after 48 hours. We can help accelerate that recovery process and reduce the inflammation by wearing recovery tights or calf sleeves, as well as by adopting simple nutrition strategies.

Here are the top 10 foods that can help reduce muscle pain and return faster to your next workout:

  1. Dark-colored fruits including tart cherries to recover faster. Cool tip: tart cherries can be eaten frozen. They make a great snack!
  2. Turmeric and ginger as anti-inflammatory and to reduce the sensation of muscle pain
  3. Watermelon, pineapple, blueberries or kiwi to raise blood antioxidants helping fight pain and inflammation
  4. Water to regulate your body temperature and muscle repair
  5. Cod, salmon and other fish for anti-inflammation
  6. Fermented foods such as high-quality yogurt, kefir and pickled veggies to boost your immune system
  7. Eggs containing amino acids to accelerate muscle repair
  8. Cinnamon to enhance protein synthesis thus repairing tissue faster
  9. Almonds and walnuts to boost your energy level
  10. Leafy greens to improve and accelerate your metabolism

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