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5 tips for a strong 2020 fitness plan that works!

Fitness comes to many people’s mind when they think about NewYear’s resolutions. Once we’ve passed January 1st and as the weeks go by, sticking to our fitness goals can become challenging. 

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute 2018 study, people drop their fitness goals by 25% one week after January 1st, 33% drop by February and 50% drop by June. For that reason, I’d say that we should take another approach and gradually change our mindset: consider fitness as a cool daily adventure. Did I just say the word cool? Yesss because it is 🙂

As a mother of two boys and a business woman, being physically active is a priority. And over the course of the past 10 years, I’ve followed a few guiding principles that have allowed me to stick with the plan, a cool plan.

tip #1 Work with a PT

When I started to include fitness in my life, I chose to work with a personal trainer. Going to the gym and trying to understand which movements, machines and weights were right for me was too hard and overwhelming. My personal trainer helped me to make my goals possible and reach new limits. Attentive to my form, I improved my shape more efficiently and even avoided injuries. Get a personal trainer at your gym or ask one to come to your home!

tip #2 Forget the scale

Looking at the scale is not important. It steers our attention onto the wrong indicator. Plus if we start working out, our muscles will weigh more than fat, which might result in not even changing the needle for many weeks. Instead of fixing our eyes on the wrong indicator, we must pay attention to how tight or loose our clothes feel and how much stronger we feel overall when we run or walkup the stairs.

tip #3 Schedule your fitness

Discipline is very important as we embark on a daily fitness routine. What worked for me was marking my calendar and treat that moment as important as if I was making an appointment with a client or friends. Of course, we need to keep it realistic otherwise we might be tempted to remove the ‘appointment’ from the calendar. A cool tip (yes I said cool again): simply find a workout buddy with whom you can schedule your next training sessions. It becomes very hard to cancel that session. Even ask that friend to share the personal trainer costs with you. 

tip #4 Make it fun

As many might know, squash is my passion. It’s the engine that guides my overall desire to be fit. Plus when I play squash, I burn a lot of energy and focus on the game, which helps channel my energy. As a consequence the endorphins generated by such intense physical activity allow me to be better in business and as a mother and wife. I’d advise to find the activity that you enjoy and suits you as well. It could be pilates, a new studio around the corner like Core Evolution or Spenga for example. The rate of new places that are opening is astonishing and the offerings are a diverse combination of cardio, strength and stretching. 

tip #5 Healthy way of eating

Cutting everything and stopping to eat all you love is not the way to go. I fundamentally think that we need to start including healthy choices in our diet and eating habits. With all the information out there, we can easily create our own meals with no processed foods and use the least amount of sugar, if none. The food topic is way to vast and complex for me to start explaining it. However, one thing is certain, just by making better choices over the course of the years, my husband reduced his bad cholesterol, we became leaner and overall have much more energy than 10 years ago. 

have a look at my upcoming blogs in which I’ll share how I’ve tackled healthy eating habits with my family, the importance of recovery and the amazing tools available now to us to improve our sleep.

“I love this time of year. When we reflect dearly on the past 12 months and plan the next months ahead. It’s a time when we challenge ourselves. Many of us want to fine-tune our lives— to feel amazing and be fitter. To exercise more or better. To feel stronger in our mind and body, at work and with our loved ones. As part of this new year we are also embarking in a new decade. I wish you all to make it your decade towards a more fit and healthy you. A decade in which I cannot wait to accompany you with my Caliloko brand.”

Happy new year to you all! 

Photo credit: Danny Diaz Photography


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