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Nathalie de Champlain at the 2018 World Squash Masters Championships

Caliloko founder, Nathalie de Champlain is a competitive squash player who was competing in the 2018 World’s Masters this year as well as in a few other tournaments including Lifetime Fitness squash competitions in Atlanta and Florida.

Her experience as an athlete inspired her to create a line of clothing that can help boost athletic performance and accelerate muscle recovery.

With the help of her personal trainer, Roudy Derisse, and squash coach, Pete Cheshire, she has been able to improve on her physical and mental game on the court.

“Exercising and being active is part of my life. It allows me to channel my energy and feel more complete as a mother, wife and entrepreneur. My fitness routine is a combination of strength, cardio and core training to support my squash competitions as an amateur player. I like to train with a personal trainer to ensure that I’m challenged and my routine is different almost every time,” said Nathalie.

Nathalie’s personal trainer, Roudy has been working with Nathalie for the past several months. He trains her twice a week, and his sessions typically last an hour long. His workouts with Nathalie consists of exercises that place an emphasis on strength, explosiveness, core and speed.

“The two words I would use to describe Natalie from a personal and athletic perspective is driven and optimistic,” says Roudy. “Since we’ve started our training together, her speed and endurance has tremendously improved, which has given her more mental confidence when she steps onto the squash court. Her hard work and dedication has lead her to have a mental edge over her competitors, and to be an overall better athlete.”

Nathalie’s squash coach, Pete, has been working with Nathalie to improve her squash performance over the past year. He has watched her grow from an average club player to a solid competitor. I spoke with Pete about his interactive relationship with Nathalie. “Physically, Nathalie is super strong, massively competitive, and tenacious. And knowing her on a personal level, she is very caring, kind, and has a no nonsense attitude,” says Pete.

“Her game has definitely improved a lot. She has always been very critical of herself, but I have seen such an improvement with her internal, mental game battle. She works really hard.”

Both Roudy and Pete agree that Nathalie is a very enthusiastic and dedicated woman and athlete.


Photo: Chris McClintick


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