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Serena Williams Wears Compression For A Reason

Last May you might have seen that Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion, was wearing a cat suit. It went viral and it was quite captivating for her tennis fans around the world. Armed with her compression suit, Serena Williams claimed that she felt stronger, “like a warrior” she said. “I always wanted to be a superhero, and it’s kind of my way of being a superhero.”

What she experienced are in fact the direct benefits of compression: improved blood circulation, muscle stability and a resulting sensation that she can perform stronger, with more energy and endurance.

Serena Williams had blood clot issues after giving birth of her first child. This condition is fairly widespread and to prevent its nefarious effects, many world travelers, people who stand long hours on their feet, diabetics and sportspeople are advised to wear compression.

Wearing compression calf sleeves or long tights is also recommended to reduce the risk of muscle injury and improve athletic results.


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