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Sleep to Recover Faster

Sleep is part of the fitness regimen since your body and mind recover during that time. Many studies prove the benefits of a good night sleep on energy balance and removal of toxic substances and metabolic waste.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, during the restorative stage of sleep, our blood pressure drops, we breathe slowly, our blood flow moves to the muscles and consequently tissue is repaired.

To help with fitness recovery, we also recommend to regularly wear compression calf sleeves or long tights during the night. The noticeable result when we speak with athletes wearing compression at night, especially when working out daily, is a leg stiffness-free next day. “This makes your body ready for the workout that’s coming or the day more enjoyable without that lingering soft pain as a result from lactic acids remaining in your leg muscles after prolonged exercise,” said Fil Maes, Caliloko Co-Founder. “Of course, recovery tights are also a great option as they will compress not only the calfs but also the hamstrings, quads and glutes.”


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