Compression Made Comfortable

4-Way Stretch

Caliloko is made with the perfect combination of high quality yarns and knitted with seamless technology allowing flexible crosswise and lengthwise stretch. As a result, you can move comfortably during high impact activities. We carefully designed each product using the right level of compression for your active or recovery goals.

Wicking Fabrics

Caliloko’s fabric was designed to optimally and naturally regulate your body’s temperature and manage your sweat accurately, allowing your muscles to function efficiently during intense activities. Using premium quality yarn, our products have extraordinary lightweight volume and offer maximum softness and hydration.

Anti-Chafing Seamless Knit

Caliloko’s seamless performance fabric, tag-less clothing line and flat seams will save you from chafing. There is nothing worse than going on a long run or performing high intensity activities, and feeling unwanted friction on your skin.

Anti Bacterial

It is natural to have bacteria on our skin. When exercising, healthy skin microbes are transferred to the fabric. With normal nylon fibers, these bacteria can proliferate and grow very quickly, leading to bad smelling clothes. Caliloko is made with the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide. This premium yarn has inherent silver micro-particles, ensuring that no bacteria can grow in your Caliloko clothes — maintaining the natural balance of your skin and reducing unpleasant odors.

UV Protection

Caliloko was born in sunny California and Florida where we understand the importance of sun protection. We know quite well that working out in the sun can damage the skin and can unfortunately increase the aging process much faster. Our fabrics protect you from the UV rays, allowing you to workout and practice your favorite outdoor sports without worrying about the sun.