Humbling Beginnings

My Advisors, Keeping Me in Check

Doing everything doesn’t mean being alone. This is why I surrounded myself with advisors willing to generously give me some of their precious time. We discuss ideas and main directions for the brand. They help me make sound decisions and keep me in check.

These important partners are keen to offer their perspective, without the fear of telling me the truth. They all have a strong expertise in their field and have successful careers. They are not as much emotionally attached to the brand as my husband Fil Maes who is there for me day-to-day. He is my closest partner and accepted to take the risk of fully supporting my venture. He undeniably plays the role of my co-founder.

Jonathan Cornish has been an integral part of Caliloko’s brand development and all aspects of the brand strategy over the past year, in addition to being involved in the packaging and manufacturing process. He is the co-founder of CTG. His company has been developing innovative products for premium retailers over the past 16 years and helps qualified manufacturers get their products onto shelves around the world. Quite knowledgeable in sourcing and management of the entire supply-chain ecosystem, Jonathan is well positioned to contribute to every aspects of brand development. Find out more about CTG.

Marie-Eve de Champlain is my fearless and indisputable best critic. She has been giving me numerous feedback— right at the start of Caliloko’s venture. With a focus on excellence, she has contributed to improve my clothing designs, test several prototypes and review my marketing materials. As an amateur athlete herself, she understands the brand and what is important to our athletes and sports warriors. Marie-Eve is currently building her own company, creating high quality and specialized sports experiences for her clientele.

Dr. Stuart Zoll offers his view on all the sports medicine aspects for Caliloko. Known as one of the first generation of American acupuncturists, he is a doctor of Oriental Medicine, the author of The Bridge Between Acupuncture and Modern Bio-Energetic Medicine, a textbook for the study of acupuncture and Energy Medicine, translated into three languages. Dr. Zoll is a sought after teacher, writer and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He is the founder and clinical director of The Zoll Center, the acclaimed center for acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition located in Florida. Find out more about The Zoll Center.

Roudy Derisse is a fantastic sounding board to grasp the end user perspective as we develop products and create new designs. Entrepreneur, fitness coach and yoga teacher, Roudy is also the author of the book: “You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer: A Step By Step Guide To Getting Fit And Saving Money.”

Lior Azoulai, co-founder of moxie, a branding, graphic design and marketing agency, served as a strategic partner in Caliloko’s branding, visuals and communications. In our close collaboration, Lior visually captured the essence of Caliloko’s body, mind and spirit philosophy into a clean and modern looking logo. Likewise, moxie fueled the strategy behind developing a best-in-class, sophisticated e-commerce website that is commensurate with Caliloko’s top-notch product line. Indeed, each design element in tandem with the website’s functionality and user interface involves a meticulous attention to detail. Moxie enjoys extensive experience identifying and implementing creative solutions for brands ranging from small retail and corporate startups to multinational retail brands and entities. I appreciate his sound advise regarding most everything that relates to my brand’s look and presence on digital and print media.

Travis Fraundorfer, founder of pop2position, is a strategic partner for Caliloko regarding all packaging and in-store consumer experience matters. His knowledge, design capability and consumer expertise allows us to aim for strong visibility on the shelves and merchandize successfully. Find out more about pop2position.

Emanuelle Renaud contributes to the creation of our future collections, ensures that we pay attention to quality and is on the look out for new fashion trends. She is creative and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Katrien Malta has done an amazing work reviewing my articles, texts and packaging copy. She has the tiger eye that Caliloko absolutely needs.

David Ladds offers his perspective regarding Caliloko’s communications and storytelling strategy. As Managing Director at Bladonmore and throughout his career, he has advised hundreds of clients, helping their companies tell their stories more efficiently and generate more revenues as a result.

This team of advisors makes Caliloko — and me better!


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