Humbling BeginningsThe Birth of Caliloko


After years of research and development, my heart and passion, Caliloko has hit its one year launch mark. As one of the most exciting moments in my career, Caliloko has exceeded my expectations.

Since its launch a year ago, we have grown our customer base and have created strong relationships with athletes around the globe.

It is the most rewarding feeling to see customers come back and repurchase my products. It validates all of the time we have dedicated to ensure our products accomplish the results they promise.

Within one year, Caliloko has been reproduced 3 times and has introduced new products every season. I never imagined my infant of compression wear from the ankles up has grown into capris, shorts, women’s tank tops, and men’s shirts. Looking forward to the next season, we will see new products and innovations that will offer even greater benefits for our customers.


In the past year, Caliloko has pushed me to put in hours of steady work and constantly focus on selling the products to new customers.

I realized that the products communicate better with our customers when they are tactile and where they shop.

So, Caliloko took part of major sports events and worked with athletes and their network of followers. It also increased its presence in sports and fitness centers, enabling us to explore the wellness and holistic health community, as well as physical therapy and specialized medical centers.

Because I can’t express my passion about Caliloko enough, these outlets have helped the brand grow and receive the love it deserves.


As I interacted with more people and received feedback on our products, I realized that Caliloko has more to offer than just helping boost performance and reduce soreness after workouts and activities.

TRAVELS: Caliloko has become the brand of choice for many travelers. Wearing the recovery tights during long flights have helped reduce inflammation and ensured a more comfortable travel.

SLEEP: A good night of sleep is so important in our busy world. Our customers told us that wearing the tights and calf sleeves have helped them not only wake up less sore, but also sleep through the night better.

VARICOSE VEINS: A medical concern for many people is the efficient blood circulation through their veins. Wearing Caliloko helps blood flow throughout the body and helps increase performance. Some doctors have recommended our tights to their patients.

The future is bright for Caliloko. We want to continue to grow steadily, offer quality and remain close to each of our customers.


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