Media Relations

Caliloko is a unique designer compression brand dedicated to make athletes look better while wearing ultra performance compression to recover faster and achieve their full potential.

The result? Sportspeople go harder, for longer and recover faster.

Caliloko believes in performance but not to the detriment of style and beautifully designed clothes.

Constantly striving to develop and design the most innovative products, our goal is to help women and men realize their results and feel ultra comfortable during their workouts.

Caliloko was founded by Nathalie de Champlain who, after trying many products on the market, decided to create a designer sportswear line that meets her own needs as an athlete.

Today, Caliloko wants to make a difference in the life of people who share a true passion for the best quality and performance.

Designed in the USA and made in Portugal, the brand offers a full range of compression sportswear products that are perfect while practicing any favorite sports and fitness activities, during long airplane travel, when we need to support fatigued muscles or even to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It will be our pleasure to share our story and help you get to know us more.