my journey with caliloko

Adopting an active and healthy lifestyle is a priority in my life. As a mother of two, always very busy, on the go, it guides the choices I make for my family; it is my North Star.

Over the years, I trained seriously as a squash amateur for competitions and adopted an intense fitness regimen. I also actively supported my husband during his Ironman and triathlon training and races.

As I tried to find high quality recovery compression brands that would meet our athletic needs to no avail, I realized that there was a need for a unique compression and shapewear brand.

When I discovered that fitness clothes on the market were neither technical nor fashionable enough, I made the decision that: “If no one else does it, then I would”.

Taking my true passion for stylish performance designs at heart, I set the bold ambition to realizing my lifelong dream and create my own line — translating fashion trends into shapewear and compression sportswear.

My dream as a young adult was to one day create a brand that would benefit people. Caliloko is the result of this dream. Equipped with business skills and entrepreneurial drive, I started to design my own styles, work with manufacturers, build the brand and do everything else needed to be successful in the clothing industry.

Being on a journey to create my own brand is both amazing and frightening. Amazing because it’s thrilling to bring my vision to life. Frightening because I have always had a fear of failure.

To ensure that I succeed, I surrounded myself with strong advisers in all areas ranging from business, product development, and fashion design to sports medicine. These incredible advisors, who I’m fortunate enough to also call friends are intertwined in my journey. Indeed, I could not have done this without them.

I love this journey. And I am thrilled to offer products that fulfill a need in people’s life.

Caliloko became a true love story. This brand is a reflection of my personality and my passion for turning my profound determination into performance and quality.

Nathalie de Champlain, Founder