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Angela Naeth Pro Triathlete shares what it means to race like a girl.

Pro Triathlete Angela Naeth

We're proud to announce our sponsorship of Pro Triathlete Angela Naeth and  iracelikeagirl, a women's endurance community that Angela created and actively supports.

The life of a triathlete is rather tough and very demanding. It requires extreme dedication and the skills to perform many disciplines all in the same race. Being part of a community of women athletes can make a huge difference to improve performance and confidence. It provides mental support and allows to share precious knowledge and experiences about technical skills, nutrition, race preparation, performance and recovery.  

Angela knows what it takes to race like a girl. In addition to performing at the highest standards of the discipline, she invests her time in mentoring and coaching many girls and women around the country throughout their athletic journey.

A unique community for triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers.

Angela's goal is to bring out what it takes and means to be a woman and race like only a girl can race. When asked why she created iracelikeagirl, Angela said:

“As a professional woman triathlete, I believe I have a responsibility to help women succeed in the sport. I want to draw in new women and help support established triathletes. iracelikeagirl is a community of women and girls, providing encouragement and opportunities for female triathletes. We inspire runners, cyclists, swimmers, yogis, and many others to consider the sport of triathlon.”

Angela Naeth is a multiple 70.3 Ironman Champion, twenty-five 70.3 podium finisher, Ironman 2014 Chattanooga Champion and the 2015 North American Ironman Champion, finishing with a sub 9-hour performance. She’s a strong advocate for the sport and the participation of women.

Caliloko and iracelikeagirl, a beautiful partnership

"We are thrilled to support this unique team of women. It's an amazing feeling to support this fast growing iracelikeagirl community and its Founder Angela Naeth. The enthusiasm and positive feedback that we've received from these women athletes about Caliloko has been so far more than extraordinary. The women love the support that our compression wear offers. They wear Caliloko throughout their athletic journey, from working out, race training to recovering after their physical efforts," said Nathalie de Champlain, Caliloko Founder.

"My goal with Caliloko is to add value in people's active life and make a difference throughout their journey. The girls proactively share their ideas and feedback with us to further improve our products. I couldn't ask for a better partnership, and it is just the beginning."

As part of its commitment to support Angela's career and her community of women, Caliloko participated to various iracelikeagirl events and training camps.  And recently, iracelikeagirl was co-branded on Caliloko's sports bras, tank tops, compression long tights, capris, shorts, and calf sleeves. Check out the iracelikeagirl selection here!


What is iracelikeagirl exactly?

iracelikeagirl aims to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages and abilities to  support, encourage and inspire one another in the sport of triathlon, cycling, running and swimming!

iracelikeagirl is a unique team that gives new and seasoned athletes the opportunity to be part of a community that brings out the best in themselves. From a members-only forum, to personal contact with Angela, as a member of iracelikeagirl, you'll find everything you need to train and race to your potential. iracelikeagirl offers exclusive events, a chance to meet new people, team challenges and giveaways from  sponsors, virtual races, and much more.



Why joining the team?

iracelikeagirl offers unique opportunities for women to participate in events, meet new people. The membership-driven site will offer training advice and community forums as well as discounts on race entries, team gear and exclusive sponsor discounts. Access to a Members-only forum will allow individuals to reach out to Angela and other team contributors for support and advice.

Monthly challenges, ranging from social media initiatives, to blog contributions or team event participation, will enable each member to be entered into a monthly drawing for giveaways from team sponsors, including Caliloko, throughout the year.

Registration to join iracelikeagirl in 2020 is open. If you want to know more about this community, you can also sign up to newsletter using code: CALILOKO.



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