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Julie Multamaki: How Caliloko Compression Benefits Her

We love hearing our customers’ voices — one of them is Julie Multamaki. She is a wonderful Canadian squash player. She competed recently at the World’s Squash Masters Championships in August 2018. During that week, she was introduced to Caliloko, played her matches with our compression calf sleeves, wore the Active long tights between her matches and since then has continued to wear our products during her training sessions and matches.

Julie: “As an ageing masters athlete who has endured a number of lower body injuries over the past year, I finally have found a comfortable product that helps protect my muscles during strenuous activity. Regardless of whether I’m training or competing I now feel extremely confident that my lower back and legs are supported when I’m moving to the ball and lunging on court, and I have less muscle soreness after a tough workout. I wear the Yosemite Active Compression tights when I do hard on-court training, and I wear the Mount Diablo Compression Calf sleeves when I play competition.”

Julie will be competing at the end of October 2018, representing the Canadian team during the next Invitational Masters and Squash Tournament against the USA and Mexico.


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