Shaping Your Body After Pregnancy: Some Easy Tips

Wearing your favorite dress or jeans a few weeks after giving birth can be challenging, if not impossible. Remember that it took nine months to gain pregnancy weight and it will take the same amount of time for most women to lose it. My sister recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy and it reminded me my own experience and how important it was to get back in shape, all while doing it the right way, I thought it would be great to share some postpartum exercise tips. Remember, this process is more of a marathon than a sprint, so persistence and patience are key.

Tip 1: Slowly Get Back to Exercise
Our first piece of advice is to start slowly – six weeks after delivery (it’s what most doctors recommend). You can begin with nice short walks to enhance your circulation. As your body adjusts to the movement and feels comfortable, you can start to go for longer walks, incrementally, and add some shoulder rolls and arm circles to your routine. Then, when you feel that your body is ready, you can increase your speed to build up your endurance and strengthen your muscles overall.

Tip 2: Include Your Baby
Pick a workout that includes your baby. Mom and baby yoga, walking and eventually running with the baby using a proper running stroller, or simply do core work with the baby beside you. This enables you to take care of mommy whilst enjoying the company of your little one. As this also removes any guilt feelings of missing out on baby moments, it can’t serve as your excuse to skip your workout.

Tip 3: Find a Training Buddy
Schedule your workout with a friend or a group of mom’s and find the right routine for you. Workout buddies help you stick to the plan as it’s far more motivating and obligating when we know that somebody is counting on us. It also serves as a great boost of spirit – especially as new moms you will need encouragement and support as you work on this journey of reshaping your body and your life with your new addition.

Tip 4: Drink Plenty of Fluids — Especially if You are Breastfeeding
Your body and your baby need healthy hydration and fluids. The average person can get dehydrated very quickly when engaging in even mild forms of exercise. This is even more of a concern for women who are breastfeeding, as they must replenish fluids after each feeding, in addition to consuming their daily average water requirements. Carrying a refillable water bottle should become a part of your daily self-care ritual.

Tip 5: Compression Clothing
Wearing Caliloko recovery or active tights can help with your blood flow and tuck everything in. The advantages to increased blood flow means that you will prevent or experience less swelling as you engage in your exercise and beyond. So avoiding throbbing and swollen feet will help your body want to move again the following day. On the whole, this will enable you to keep the momentum of your exercise routine going, as you will continue to feel healthier, stronger and more energized.

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