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Caliloko Welcomes Professional MMA Fighter Caio Uruguai As Part Of Its Athlete Roster

Caliloko today announced that Caio Uruguai Rocha Lobato, a Brazilian MMA Fighter based in Florida, is joining its sponsored World-Class athlete team.

Caio is a featherweight Professional Martial Artist weighing in at 145 pounds. His fighting style is hyper aggressive and his kicks are deadly. He comes from Brasilia, Brazil, where he trained with kick boxing champion and his greatest mentor Guto Inocente. Starting at the young age of six, Caio grew up training with several champions in jiu-jitsu, judo, and kickboxing at the Real Kombat Team in Brazil.

“My master, Carlos Inocente, stressed discipline and consistency with hitting the pads. And my parents have been strong supporters of my future. They enabled him to spend a majority of my life in the gym training to become a champion,” said Caio.

Caio became a professional martial artist at the age of 19. He has never lost sight of the end goal of holding the title in his organization, TitanFC, and moving on to claim his belt in the UFC.

Caio’s professional career consists of 7 wins, 2 KO’s, 1 submission, and 1 loss from a tough component when Caio had a torn ACL. After a year off from surgery, Caio went back into the cage to annihilate his opponent, Juan Villaseca, who dropped a weight class for this fight.

With over 65 fans coming to watch, Caio completed his task to fulfill his Titan Contract and become 7-1 in his professional fighting career. Caio says this is just the beginning.


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