CompressionThe Birth of Caliloko

Compression Can Look Good

After testing many compression products during competitions, long runs, post workouts, while sleeping after a race or even when we travelled long distances, we realized that the concept of compression truly helped us recover much faster, reduce soreness and prevent injuries.

The sports compression clothing has been influenced by surgeons who make their patients wear compression socks after surgery to bring blood to the heart with much more ease, avoid inflammations and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Applied to sports performance, the benefit is the same; compression brings more oxygen to the muscles which improves athletic results and prevents post workout muscle pains. Travelers and anyone who has to stand long hours on their feet also greatly benefit from wearing this type of compression clothing.

On my journey to creating Caliloko, my ultimate goal is to offer a premium range of high quality products — helping to boost your performance and feel better after high intensity activities — all while looking absolutely amazing and be comfortable in a soft fabric.

Compression clothing doesn’t need to look boring or extreme, it can be fashionable too!


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