CompressionThe Birth of Caliloko

European Craftsmanship

Creating a soft, comfortable, beautiful looking fabric is my goal, on top of offering the proper level of compression on the right muscle groups.

Therefore, I chose seamless technology to create a high quality knitted fabric that athletes will love to wear during and after their intense activities.

By using the technologically advanced yarns, we created a unique compression wear that is antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking.

In addition, during long hours of physical activity, our skin reacts much better with seamless knitting, avoiding unwanted frictions — a proven anti-chafing solution.

The manufacturer I carefully selected is based in Portugal. Using the latest yarns, knitting and finishing methods, advanced technology with state-of-the-art software and equipment, their team of professionals is devoted to produce an authentic clothing line: just right, just perfect, for Caliloko.


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