The Birth of Caliloko

How Did I Come Up With It?

Creating the Caliloko name for my brand was like a brain puzzle. It had to be the perfect fit with the brand’s personality that I envisioned: energetic, passionate, positive, sophisticated.

Over the years, we have often used the term “Califamily” as our family’s nickname, expressing our romantic bond with California. We lived in the Golden State, still own property there, our first son was named after beautiful San Mateo county and our second son was born in San Francisco. It was clear that my brand had to breathe California. Not only for our family but also for its active lifestyle and authentic beauty. A perfect image for my performance sportswear brand.

During my research, I looked for Californian American native languages that would express the brand’s strong, grounded and solid personality.

Many words such as yuki, yoko, loki, locca surfaced, which brought me to Loko. Coupled to the Spanish word loco, Loko represents the craziness of sports. It is the ultimate and intense feeling of absolute dedication athletes portray when they practice their sports.

Caliloko was born!


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