The Birth of Caliloko

The Faces of Caliloko

My sister Marie-Eve, a mountain bike athlete, runner, snowboarder and former gymnast, has become one of the faces of Caliloko. We did a few photoshoot sessions over the past 12 months.

One of which was during Spring of 2017 with photographer Christopher Cornish while Marie-Eve was running, jumping and stretching on the beach. I had just received my first prototypes from Europe a few days before. I was euphoric and so thrilled.

In September 2017, we were in Portugal visiting the manufacturer and I received some additional prototypes that we tested. It was a unique experience as my sister and my husband both made the trip with me. I then improvised myself as a photographer taking pictures of them wearing Caliloko with vineyards and the city of Porto as beautiful backgrounds. The photoshoot was another fun experience for me, with proud results to boot!

During November 2017, Roudy Derisse, Boca Raton Florida-based entrepreneur, personal trainer, yoga teacher and author of the book: “You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer: A Step By Step Guide To Getting Fit And Saving Money,” also became a new face of Caliloko.

The Wyndwood Art District of Miami, the FAU Football Stadium as well as many parks and beaches in the area of Boca Raton and the city of Porto in Portugal offered us fantastic locations to express the personality of the brand.


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