Our fitness team designed sequences of functional and mobility activities that are very good for your body. You don't need any extra equipment and it's okay if you have limited space at home.

We will see you LIVE using zoom and IG LIVE on Instagram all at the same time.

The benefits of using Zoom: our fitness pros will be able to correct your form and interact with you. How fun!

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Book With Alvaro 

Alvaro Merino “AJ” is a Tennis Pro and Founder of Tennis Pro Consultant. He trains junior tennis athletes aspiring to compete at a high-level. He also works with high level, CEOs and celebrities.

AJ is also a personal trainer in the New York fitness and wellness industry. He works with brands such as Theragun, Asytem and Stretch Relief to organize fitness events and connects them with the consumer.

Aj has been working with Caliloko for over a year as part of our team of athletes. He was recently promoted to Business Development and Community Manager for the North East region.

Book With Alex & Dean

Alex and Dean are NYC based elite personal trainers and group fitness instructors. From Tough Mudder Bootcamp Live, to Class Pass Live Founding Trainers, to BFX's Lab and The Workout Factory, the dynamic duo have an energy and a love to help others that is unmatched. Both Alex and Dean have a background in dance and a strong focus on form and technique. Their style of training brings the heat with fun but functional movements to keep your fitness regimen fresh. They believe that it's not just about how you look, but what you're capable of that counts. Together they're bringing you their approach to training with Strength City (@strengthcityfit). It's nothing you don't already know, just a smarter way of doing it.


FULL BODY FUN - A 30 min high intensity, mostly low impact HIIT Style class that will put you muscles and mind to the test!

Book With Thais 

Thais Glysson is a certified personal trainer. Born in Brazil, she now lives in Florida. Thais brings energy to your workouts. She loves to pay attention to your mobility. She is also focused on full body strength and creates amazing exercises for your booty.

Book With Shawn

Shawn Axelbank is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who has been working in New York City coaching and instructing HIIT and resistance training classes. She is passionate about health and wellness. As a fitness enthusiast she has a background in gymnastics, softball and other sports. Fitness as a career has been rewarding and fulfilling for her on so many levels. Seeing a client succeed, become stronger and more confident is one of the biggest rewards. She believes fitness should be fun. Being active, healthy and happy isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle.

Book With Nina 

Nina is a personal trainer and HIIT classes fitness instructor at SwitchPlayground in New York City. She first began her fitness journey six years ago. She loves working out and helping people build their personal confidence both physically and mentally.

Book With Ethan 

Ethan Blauner is a fitness instructor at SwitchPlayground in New York City and he loves to play basketball, tennis and ping pong. He cooks delicious foods too! His session will be a full body workout that does not require any equipment and the only thing that’s necessary is a positive attitude and a smile.