Year outlook

2020: The Year in Review for us at Caliloko

2020 will be a year we’ll remember!

We were excited to start strong with our online, retail and large sports events sales. Q1 sales had tripled compared with the same quarter last year. 

Q2 and Q3 were another story, and I am sure it was similar for many entrepreneurs. We definitely had to review our strategy and how we were going to do things to continue on a successful path. 

In retrospective, the pandemic made us stronger. However, since the brand is exclusively backed by our own private investments, it was quite a stressful time for myself as the founder.

It is with a nice breather, that I can report finishing the year with more momentum. Our Q4 ended strong with 40% sales increase compared with Q4 last year. 

The year in review

-New launches

Throughout the year, we launched 18 new products from sports bras, tank tops, tights, hoodies and sweatshirts, running hats and accessories. 

The vision is to continue to offer premium compression sportswear and find ways to make it even more affordable over the coming months and years.


We continue to sell in most of the retail stores that we selected since 2019. It was important to offset the sales that were slowed down during COVID which led us to review our pricing and distribution channels. 


As of November, our store front on amazon was launched and all our product listings were fully optimized.  We have already started to see sales and, as expected, our star products are doing quite well already. 


We are proud sponsor of athletes such as Peter Creed, professional Squash Player, Alvaro Merino, Professional Tennis Coach and Fitness Professional, Caio Uruguai, Professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter, and Angela Naeth, Professional Triathlete, and her community I Race Like A Girl, supporting women as they endeavor to race and compete.

As we continue to plan and work on launching new products, we want to keep our commitment to offer ultimate quality of clothing and accessories allowing athletes and active people to perform stronger and recover faster.

On a personal note

During the pandemic, I worked hard to support our kids as they were attending online school, learn more about new best practices for Caliloko’s growth, stay healthy and work on my fitness. 

The routine that I hold dear comprises a new morning meditation practice, ensuring that I get enough sleep, eating the right foods to support our fitness level and walking my dog every morning with my friends. 

Happy new year to you, your family, loved ones and friends. I wish you an amazing 2021. 

Nathalie, Caliloko Founder


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